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See below for links to our YouTube videos on
"Trim 2D Building Designer"

For your convenience, we have linked together all three of our videos on YouTube which help you to get started with "TRIM 2D Building Designer". Of course, it may not be suitable for you to watch all three videos one after the other, so we list below the videos, complete with links to YouTube, and with a brief summary of what is contained in each video. That way, you can watch video 1, then go and do the downloads and installation required, then have a rest before watching video 2.

We also list other videos that we have made to help you use "TRIM 2D Building Designer" better.

Introduction Video 1 - Click here
  • Watch a speeded up video of what the software does
  • Download the program "Open Office"
  • Open the file in the program.
  • Using Open Office tabs
  • Review of pieces in downloaded file

Introduction Video 2 - Click here
  • Insert and move a new slide
  • How to Copy, Paste, Move and Zoom the pieces
  • How to join pieces to each other
  • Building the first wall
  • Guide pieces

Introduction Video 3 - Click here
  • How to Group and Ungroup
  • Building three more walls
  • Editing walls
  • Tidying up

Suggested Grid Dimensions Video - Click here

"Align" and "Arrange" Video - Click here

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