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"TRIM 3D Building Designer"
design your model building on the computer in THREE dimensions

Whether you are building your models using plaster or resin, you will find it easier to design your model on screen first.

We built "TRIM 3D Building Designer" - click on the image below to see a speeded-up video - to help modellers design their buildings on a computer before they start gluing together the individual pieces and realise that they have made a mistake.

click on the door to see the video

Currently "TRIM 3D Building Designer" consists of design representations of only the pieces that come out of the ScaleCast© and Linka© plaster and resin moulds. These moulds we recommend for almost any building related to model railways, war gaming and associated hobbies that have a scale close to 1:76. We have no formal connection to ScaleCast, nor Linka, other than admiration.

A screenshot of "TRIM 3D Building Designer"
using our designs is shown below.

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