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See below for links to our YouTube videos on
"Trim 3D Building Designer"

For your convenience, we have linked together all four of our videos on YouTube which help you to get started with "TRIM 3D Building Designer". Of course, it may not be suitable for you to watch all four videos one after the other, so we list below the videos, complete with links to YouTube, and with a brief summary of what is contained in each video. That way, you can watch video A, then go and do the downloads and installation required, then have a rest before watching video B. We hope this helps you understand "TRIM 3D Building Designer" better.

Introduction Video A - Click here
  • Watch a speeded up video of what the software does
  • Download your file with the component pieces
  • Download the program "SketchUp Make 2015"
  • Open the file in the program.

Introduction Video B - Click here
  • Discussion about getting the most suitable mouse
  • How to .... Orbit (Rotate), Pan and Zoom
  • How to .... Extent
  • Copying, Pasting and Moving
  • How to join pieces to each other
  • Building the first wall
  • Guide pieces

Introduction Video C - Click here
  • How to .... Make Group
  • Building three more walls
  • More detail on Rotate
  • Tricks for rotating walls with gable ends
  • Ungrouping = Explode
  • Editing walls

Introduction Video D - Click here
  • Joining up the four walls
  • Checking alignments
  • Tidying up
  • Moving the finished model to the origin
  • Finishing off

How to move the pieces around in TRIM 3D BD
NB - There is no audio on this video - please see Video B above first

How to use the ScaleCast Dormer roof pieces in TRIM 3D BD

How to place the ScaleCast windows onto the face of your model in TRIM 3D BD

What to do if SketchUp freezes

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