Do You Need a Blog for your Modelling ?

Want to Have a Blog?
But No Desire to Get All Techie ?

Most people nowadays recognise the importance of keeping in touch with their friends and family on a regular basis. If you have just retired, or left work, your family will be keen to ensure that you are busy and not just being lazy and unhappy around the house.

Many people keep in touch via the Internet - whether it be via email, Skype or via Social Networks such as FaceBook or Twitter.

However, blogs are proving to be much more popular with many people, as a means of sharing photos and thoughts, especially while travelling or while working on some hobby such as modelling trains and railways.

Our typical customer is retired, and has had a career in which he has always had specialised technical people to assist him with computer-related matters. Yes, he can use email; yes, he can surf the web; but whilst he may have the time, he does not have the desire to learn how to run a blog.

We provide that service

We create the blog for you and then we keep it up-to-date with the photos and text that you send to us by email whenever you want. Some of our customers send us new material frequently, some rarely.

Click here to have a look at one type of blog layout and click here to see a much more flexible type of blog, where all the colours and fonts can be changed to suit your preferences. Both these demo blogs are focused on writing about your travel experiences, but there is no reason why something similar cannot be done with railway modelling or model building. Your blog will be in one of these formats, but with your text and photos.

Our customers vary in the frequency of when they update their blogs. For some, there are periods when they want us to update their blogs every week, then maybe there will be a gap of three months before the next update. We do not mind.

Our pricing is simple.
We charge US$30 to create the blog, then US$15 every time that you want to add something to it.

To start the process we ask that you pay US$75, which shows your commitment and also covers the creation of the blog and the first three entries.

The above pricing is based upon you sending us up to two photos and up to 300 words for every update.

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