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"EZVID" - easy-to-use screen capture software / video maker / editor
and it's FREE

"How do I create my own screen capture videos?"
"How do I create my own videos for gaming?"

You can download the software from the EZVID website by clicking on the image

We did not write this software, but we do recommend it. If you want to create videos for YouTube, or perhaps for your own website, one of the pieces of software that is easiest to use - and therefore quickest to learn - is EZVID ( Better still it is FREE !!

We have collected together a series of YouTube videos to help you get the best out of this software. These videos can be found on this website here and on our YouTube channel, which is also called "London Web Software".

As you will understand, EZVID's combination of zero cost and ease of use sometimes means that tools which are available on expensive video editors are not available on EZVID. On another page of this website, we give a number of "workarounds" to enable you to get the best from the software.

We have also produced a number of really neat audio files that can be used as background music on EZVID videos. This factor is much more important than you would think - click here

You can download the software from the EZVID website by clicking here

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